We started home loan prejudging collective application service.

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About home loan prejudging lump application service "Smart Entry Tab"

We introduced home loan prejudging lump application service "Smart Entry Tab" (smart entry tab) by TOPPAN PRINTING Co., Ltd. (※). From tablet terminator, we can apply for prejudging of home loan to several by one input.

※ With home loan lump application service "Smart Entry Tab" (smart entry tab):
Paperless application system which performs application for home loan prejudging through exclusive application from tablet terminator. Collective application to plural financial institutions is possible, and examination-related documents such as person confirmation documents acquire photographic image by shooting function in application. It is structure which can solve problem of customer, real estate company, financial institution such as "personal information leak risk with paper and FAX" "speedup of examination result answer" that "entry of application is great".

Home loan examination from paper to input with tablet. We improve convenience of customer.

It is necessary for examination of plural banks to perform finance of application of each bank, but only as for input once in SmartEntryTab. We improve reduction / examination speed with application input load.

Copy, FAX, management of complicated application and examination-related documents become needless.

Entry to conventional paper photographs examination documents with camera of iPad to input to tablet. As for input data, the shooting image, it is cooperated in real time to financial institution.

Examination request to plural banks is enabled by one input.

Load of application entry is reduced. Examination result is notified sales representative employee of by email from each bank.

List of Smart Entry Tab financial institutions

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
Resona Bank
yokohama bank
Family life service

※As of December 8, 2017. Other city banks will plan additional participation in future, too.

Input supporting function such as handwriting input, driver's license reading function.

We improve convenience of customer by handwriting input, automatic reading of driver's license, business card publication information and reduce input load.

We read handwriting input with high precision and recognize and convert into text.

We read the name, address when we photograph driver's license, business card, and we are reflected by camera of tablet.

Prior application is enabled anytime from anywhere.

If it is environment that can communicate, we can use from local visit society and customer's house.

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