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Reliable defect guarantee service | of Meiji After having sold, it is relieved to entrust by Meiji after having bought!

※1 among the above about (1) - (3) 10 million yen (about (4) separately 1 million yen):

After, with "defect guarantee service of meiji-jisho," purchasing after the sale of building, repair expense of defect ((1) - (4) mentioned above) of building,
"Defect guarantee service" of meiji-jisho is service to guarantee to a maximum of 11 million yen (※ 1).
When, for house after entering, defect of (1) - (4) mentioned above is discovered for one year from delivery day,
We undertake repair, the extermination in the upper limit for 11 million yen (※ 1).

By "defect guarantee service" of meiji-jisho…

For one year, we repair with burden of "reliable defect guarantee service" of Meiji. We feel safe that we entrust when we buy when we sell

SellerIt is merit of this

As it is check by registered architect who completed class that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism establishes, we are reliable.
At sale, added value called guarantee is added for one year.
In addition, we reduce burden, worry for trouble after having sold.

BuyerIt is merit of this

As guarantee of a maximum of 11 million yen (※ 2) comes for one year from delivery date, we are reliable.

※2 about defect of part main in leak, building structure 10 million yen (about damage of white ant separately 1 million yen):

Reduction measures (reference) of tax affecting the house purchase

※Amount of money is indication

In "home loan reduction of taxes" and "registration and license tax," we can expect effect!

(example) [house] wooden detached house (non-fireproof building age 21 years) [seller] individual, house (building valuation 4 million yen) of 30 million yen down payment 10 million yen, interest rate 2.0%, In return period 30 years the purchase, yearly income 4,500,000 yen office worker family of 4 (full-time homemaker, high school student, junior high student)

System There is defect insurance No defect insurance The balance
Home loan reduction of taxes
(up to 2 million yen)
1,600,000 yen
(ten years)
None 1,600,000 yen
(ten years)
Registration and license tax Transfer registration 12,000 yen
*0.3% of 4 million yen
80,000 yen
*2% of 4 million yen
68,000 yen
The setting registration
20,000 yen
*0.1% of 20 million yen
80,000 yen
*0.4% of 20 million yen
60,000 yen
The buyer burden reduction total Reduction of 1,728,000 yen

Characteristic of reliable defect guarantee service of Meiji

Structure of reliable defect guarantee service of Meiji

When defect was found in one year, after inspection, the guarantee, we appoint Osamu by defect guarantee service.
  • We undertake insurance after, as a general rule, house Anshin Guarantor Service which is insurance company (insurance corporation) where is specialized in house appointed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport investigated the building situation by registered architect.
  • Buyer can demand the direct insurance when inspection company goes bankrupt.

Fabric part targeted for guarantee

With fabric part, we point to part preventing invasion of rainwater such as main part and outer wall, roof in structural resistance such as pillar, the basics established in law (the following "securing of house quality method") about promotion of securing of quality and act enforcement law of dwelling house. Defect of this fabric part becomes a target of guarantee.

Insurance period and guarantee amount of money

It is one year from day of delivery of house targeted for insurance.

※10 million yen + white ant 1 million yen

Kind of guarantee

Kind of guarantee Contents
It is given compensation for damages a compensation for damages guarantee Osamu supplementary expense Expense to need to material costs, labor cost, assistant other direct Osamu necessary for Osamu to appoint defect
White ant guarantee ※Option Building restoration expense about white ant damage and prevention construction expense of damage point
Dispute expense guarantee Expense that we needed for suit to be necessary for solution about defect warranty, settlement in trial or mediation or arbitration or settlement out of court
Claim for damages maintenance expense guarantee When person insured has compensation for damages or other right to claim for third party about accident,
Expense that we needed to file that is necessary about maintenance of the right or the use
Accident investigation expense guarantee When assistant Osamu of house is necessary by accident having occurred,
Expense that we needed for investigation to establish amount of money of assistant range that assistant Osamu needed, method of assistant Osamu or Osamu
Temporary house expense guarantee Expense that we needed for accommodation that received request from buyer forced to moving during Osamu supplementary period of house targeted for insurance, house hire or moving

"Reliable defect guarantee service of Meiji" summary (when we correspond below, it is available.)

Target article House which was built after June 1, 1981 ※It is limited to article for the self-residence. In addition, during lease, empty house, villa, dwelling house combined with other use more than three months, defect liability immunity from responsibility article are excluded.
Mediation, terms of the contract 3-month exclusive duty, contracted exclusive duty-mediated contract (sale) are concluded with "defect guarantee service" of meiji-jisho during period,
Sales contract being concluded by mediation of "defect guarantee service" of meiji-jisho.
Target examination, authorization Based on result of building situation investigation by registered architect who completed class, we authorize (at the time of mediation update the re-check pivot) ※As a result of check, we may not guarantee.
Target seller Individual (person who was expected to pay our prescribed brokerage fee)
Target buyer Individual who purchased target article by mediation of "defect guarantee service" of meiji-jisho
(person who was expected to pay our prescribed brokerage fee)
Guarantee contents (1) Leak, defect of part main in (2) building structure, (3) duct line, facilities security special contract ※Option, damage of (4) white ant ※Option
Guarantee amount of money (1) About ... (3) 10 million yen (about (4) separately 1 million yen)
Term of a guarantee It is one year after the delivery
We guarantee this guarantee about specific phenomenon that we occurred for a fixed period of time and do not guarantee what harm of trouble, malfunction and white ant of building does not occur. In addition, we do not guarantee defect (defect and malfunction) producing the current situation.
  • Seller is expected to pay cost of testing. (we give share for laboratory cost free from brokerage fee at the time of contract.)
  • When mediation contract is canceled within period, as for the cost of testing, of seller; burden.
  • As a result of inspection, as for repair expense of point less than guarantee contents, the reexamination expense, of seller; burden.

※Publication contents are things as of May, 2015, and please note that we change without notice, and this service may be canceled.

Inquiry about defect guarantee

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