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It is privacy policy about privacy policy of meiji-jisho group.

With personal information, one tine of this and others of the name, phone number, address of customer shall mean information that authorized individual is distinguished by putting plural number together (judged that or it can be done). In meiji-jisho group, we may ask about personal information about inquiries from customer about collection purpose of personal information and use purpose. The use purposes are as follows.
To send 1, document which had you ask
To cope with 2, inquiry from customer
To offer information considered to be useful to 3, customer
When you use for other purpose, please confirm as you state the purpose clearly beforehand when you have you offer personal information. We may not use personal information other than these purposes without agreement of visitor without permission.

About offer, disclosure to third party

We disclose and may not offer personal information of customer to third party except duties trust point without agreement of customer.
But disclosure may provide personal information without agreement of customer when it is necessary for protection such as customer or our right, property, security when we are required based on rules such as laws and ordinances from government offices such as courts.

About access log

As for the action histories such as reading, page change of page on homepage, record remains to server apparatus which homepage is installed in IP address (peculiarity to be able to assign from intanettopuropaida or number to fluctuate) of customer as access log, but the name and contact information of customer are not included in these data directly. There was utilization as improvement of service and statistics purpose; is.

About cookie (Cookie)

On this website, we use technique called cookie (Cookie). When customer used web page, cookie is structure saving reading history or input content as file to computer of customer. We distinguish customer using information of cookie when we access the same page on the next time, and operator of site can change indication every customer. We use cookie to offer better service in us, but information to identify customer individual is not included at all. In us, we use cookie for the following purposes. ・When it is logged in to certification service, customer provides service customized by every customer with reference to the registration information of stored customer, and our advertisement is placed in various sites in the Internet by Yahoo! JAPAN which still entrusts with delivery of our advertisement because a given period of time promotes (the re-certification) to reinput of password for customer who passed from the use for security maintenance to improve our service to investigate traffic such as number of users or the number of reading of our site to display the most appropriate advertisement based on contents which customer is interested in to improve convenience and service of site and the use situation on our site on other companies site, third party including Google. Yahoo! JAPAN, third party including Google deliver advertisement based on past access information to our website using Cookie. Through Yahoo! JAPAN, third party including Google, we store our cookie and may refer to us based on Yahoo! JAPAN entrusting with delivery of our advertisement, trust to third party including Google. Customer accesses opto-out page of Google advertisement and can invalidate use of Cookie by Google. (or we access opto-out page of Network Advertising Initiative and can invalidate use of Cookie by third party delivery company). In addition, we can set by browser of customer whether you admit the use of cookie. As for the setting, "we admit all cookies" can choose "we refuse all cookies" among "we notify user if we receive cookie". As setting method varies according to browsers, please confirm by "help" of browser of errand menu as needed. In addition, please be careful when you do not admit the use of cookie as our some services may not be available.

Coverage of privacy policy

Coverage of privacy policy says that our site is inner. When we access site of third party except our duties trust point with link from our site, we cannot take responsibility about privacy protection.

Review of privacy policy

In addition, contents of privacy policy may modify. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. About opinion about the handling such as inquiry window personal information about customer information, question, we would appreciate your contacting the following window.

Meiji-jisho duties examination room
1-1, Okamoto, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa
TEL 0467-43-1111
Charge Yutaka Shimada

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