| which we buy parking lot site for Real estate information of Shonan, Kamakura is meiji-jisho

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We look for "parking lot site" around the meiji-jisho store. (we buy)

We are looking for parking lot site of meiji-jisho. (we buy)

Meiji-jisho is the 40th anniversary in this year. It is come to the store, and a lot of customers are lacking to parking lot for visitor person, parking lots for employee now in store of each area.

We are looking for Totsuka Station, Kamakura Station, Ofuna Station, Fujisawa Station, land within the range of a 5-minute walk from Chigasaki Station station.
There are topography, setsudo, Furuya, and big things and small things of land do not matter.

Network of meiji-jisho spreading through Yokohama, Shonan. ◎It is 8 stores in local coherence, Yokohama area. ◎All the stores, road surface shop within station foot ②.

We buy other real estate.

We look forward to notification by all means.

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※As a result of our purchase standard, examination, we may not purchase.

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