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Sale consultation, assessment of real estate

Real estate, Meiji of customer are sold!

Do you not try sales force of meiji-jisho of Shonan No. 1?

We think whether real estate buying and selling with experience knows. To the sales contract, is intermediation size of "Company A of sale request point" and "Company B which did visitor charge account" and two companies not pushed?
This actually introduces article for purchase applicant, and what we sold shows that it was Company B not Company A of sale request point.
Company to ask for sale is which way, but the article is registered with system of real estate distribution as "sale article", and the system is such that there is visitor charge account in your sale article in all suppliers.
This is rule in the house-based work method in structure which was made so that real estate sale that is important property of seller is pushed forward smoothly. Therefore,

If he/she thinks that we want to let sale succeed,◎We are asked to supplier with sales forceIt is very important that we do.

Then what kind of supplier is strong supplier of sales force?

◎Supplier with many accumulations of "purchase applicant"
◎Strong supplier of "advertisement power"
◎Supplier with much number of the new outbreak of "purchase applicant"

Called this it is expected.
One that wants to buy house is because it is "purchase applicant" until we purchase house. It is shortcut to early sale to choose new incidence of purchase applicant and supplier with many accumulations.
Answer is very simple.

For new customer who continues occurring by various places of existing customer of the company to come to in front and rich advertisement quantity every day, sales activities begin promptly when we depend on visitor charge account of other companies when you request sale in meiji-jisho, and because it is continued repetition until making a promise, sales activities are more direct, and sale effect is more certain, and it is speedy. "We sell in other companies, but "there is little number of the visitors" which the situation does not change". A lot of consultation is sent to us from seller having such thought. As a result, there are a lot of examples called making a promise from request in several days, too.

Customer on this homepage that you are watching. If there is chance, please work toward the acquaintance.

"Where is real estate agency with sales force most in this neighborhood?"This.

We take consultation of sale from the following inquiry button. Please feel free to contact.

Inquiry, consultation from this (free)

We feel safe that we entrust because it is meiji-jisho!


Perfect support system by expert

Thing about real estate places the staff having high specialty in each shop up to tax practice, law, building than the basis and meets with perfect support system by the staff whom we emigrated to being attracted by local person from Shonan and Shonan.

Perfect support by expert of real estate Shonan is precise advice by the staff of hometown

Simple online assessment

"Slightly ‥ as for what can come to home" "still though is point ‥" in "neighborhood as do not want to be known, feel free to contact, and ‥", please touch sale to various places for stage when is considered as carry out Desktop assessment to calculate from outskirts article market price or past sale example easily.

Sale assessment

After the investigation into target real estate, it is visit assessment not to make any being known to people of neighborhood if possible. We calculate based on our abundant business example after having seen surrounding environment and location, the sunshine, state of building. We meet request of seller from determination of sales price to advertisement and sales system.

Advertising to overwhelm competitor

It may be said that advertising activity of real estate information is extremely effective means for customer that sale and the purchase of real estate are examined in the present age of info-age. We included overwhelming advertising costs not to permit following of competitor since its formation in meiji-jisho and helped by utilizing every advertising media.

Newspaper insert

Distribution and size of Shonan area NO1!
We distribute color flyer of B3 size to Shonan areas in every month

Newspaper insert

Business own work flyer

We distribute the hot latest information that occurred in the week to Shonan areas as extra advertisement every week.

Business own work flyer

Internet advertising

Registration to every Internet real estate site is the most effective advertisement means as the present age of the net height of prosperity, information dispatch means and is essential. Meiji-jisho commencing with company homepage, suumo , at home , HOME's , Yahoo! Real Estate We register in equal nado, every real estate site.

Local visit society

The local drawing card construction, holding of local sale!

Local sale

Inquiry, consultation from this (free)

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