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Please introduce visitor to meiji-jisho! We present up to 100,000 yen!

Please introduce visitor to meiji-jisho! We present up to 100,000 yen!

Friend, acquaintance, relative, one where real estate including family is looked for when want to sell, does thought not come? When the introducer reached making a promise, we present reward (100,000 yen - 10,000 yen) with feeling of thanks. Please introduce.

Person thinking of the purchase, sale OK's real estate in anyone!

You are immediate, and please introduce real estate buying and selling to each meiji-jisho shop employee if consultation comes!

Telephone, email, visit

Sale, anything are OK the purchase of real estate! Depending on order of visitor who had you introduce, kindness has a business talk carefully.

※Reward amount of money varies according to contents of order.

If visitor who had you introduce becomes making a promise safely, we present reward to the introducer with thanks. In addition, we become a target of presentation even if we have you introduce toward the distinction again each time.

Inquiry from this

[notice matter]
  • By our intermediation of buying and selling should be object only when is contracted.
  • Introduction charges vary according to contents of making a promise and should be range of 100,000 yen - 10,000 yen.
  • It becomes application only when we have you introduce new visitor. (in other words, when it has been made a promise or business talk advances, it is not applicable)
  • It becomes necessary to be consented to offer personal information to us beforehand introduction plan.
  • When it is made plural contracts, visitor who had you introduce becomes application by either contract.
  • When we have you introduce the same visitor from each one, we have you give priority to introduction that date is early.
  • When it becomes targeted for case that falsehood was accepted by introduction contents and our other rewards, we are not applied.
  • With case of making a promise the second visitor who had make a promise and other making a promise privileges cannot repeat. In addition, in the case of introduction of oneself and living together relative, we are not applied either.
  • Acquaintance who had you introduce is contracted, and delivery is completed and pays presentation of introduction charges in bank transfer after the receipt of money of brokerage fee.
  • We change our system without notice or may be finished. In addition, it shall depend on our rule. Please refer for the details.

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