ImageInheritance X debt rearranging X asset operation

We come over overnight
The issue of real estate inheritance and debt rearranging.

We do not know and are ordinary.

Because is not upset from now on, again as of now trouble,

Leave it to us entirely!


Many choices, structure of complicated, difficult tax and law……


  • 01

    Law, tax
    It is difficult and does not know

  • 02

    Inheritance tax
    How much does it cost?

  • 03

    If entrust you; how much
    Does it cost money?

  • 04

    With financial institution

  • 05

    Because we do not want to sell
    We want to lend somebody

  • 06

    Apartment management
    Can you easily do it?

What should I do?

Trouble of your inheritance, debt rearranging

Meiji-jisho is settled entirely!

One-Stop Solution

ImageLeave it to me in the inheritance, meiji-jisho!


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    We always saw flyer of meiji-jisho. At that time, impression of different flyer of 12 place that we saw was good and thought that it was in meiji-jisho if we asked myself. It was replacement by purchase, but sale was decided early and was able to look for new article calmly this time than we thought after we asked.
    Middle Furudo-based sale (Juniso, Kamakura-shi)

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    The person in charge negotiated with debt collection mechanism and financial institution quickly and evaded auction and was able to leave property in form called any sale. As it was going to be nearly penniless debt life, all the families thank meiji-jisho. Thank you very much. We do not forget this favor throughout the life.
    Door-built sale (Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi)

  • Image

    After asking other great Kai Tenaka and meiji-jisho for assessment, meiji-jisho prepared various documents and was able to explain grounds of assessed value clearly carefully. As it was house with contemplation, application entered immediately on place that had you provide slightly than assessment rather high, the weekend and reached contract.
    Middle Furudo-based sale (Tamanawa, Kamakura-shi)

  • Image

    We asked for assessment for three intermediation, but decided to ask possible meiji-jisho of advertising power and sales force. As we have you put newspaper insert immediately on the weekend when you asked and were contracted six days later, we ask meiji-jisho and think that it was really good. Still, we were surprised at advertisement, quickness until contract from request.
    Middle Furudo-based sale (Kugenumamatsugaoka, Fujisawa-shi)

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    We asked great Kai Tenaka, but decided to ask meiji-jisho by introduction of friend when we were half beginning to give up when my family might not be popular without most reactions for three months. As we have you publish in newspaper insert and the Internet in Meiji on a large scale immediately and were contracted with one that you looked at on the weekend, we ask Meiji and think that it was really good. It is thank for friend who introduced Meiji.
    Middle Furudo-based sale (Hagisono, Chigasaki-shi)

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    It was the first sale this time. Newspaper insert of meiji-jisho caught eye when we hesitated what I should do without understanding the reason and had you called meiji-jisho and assess. There was uneasiness, but there was report that visitor was to want to see article soon when it was said that person who bought saw newspaper, and person who sold toward the charge bound mediation contract together. Contract safe with state that we show around the room carefully toward the sales and have you explain, and customer was in favor with. It is delivery soon. Thank you everything. We entrust all you until delivery.
    Middle Furudo-based sale (Matsugaoka, Chigasaki-shi)